Salamander Pumps Technology Inside

The following list features just some of the innovations Salamander Pumps has used to make our shower, bathroom and whole house pumps  more powerful, quiet and compact.





Interrogait is the technology within the pump that monitors pump usage e.g. how many times it has been switched on/off or how long it has been running for.  It aids in the diagnosis of issues.



Salamander Pumps Noise Technology Inside




Product design innovation has been used to reduce the noise and vibrations associated with shower pumps.  These innovations include noise reducing feet and specially selected materials which dampen the vibration of the motor.


Salamander Pumps Solid State Switching




An electronic switch which activates the pump. The switch has no moving parts, so this improves reliability, sensitivity, and extends product life.


Salamander Pumps DPC Technology




The intelligent electronics that run the motor at a given speed.  This makes the pump more energy efficient, responsive and longer lasting.


Salamander Pumps Technology MPI




The innovative product design building the motor into the pump impellor housing to allow for an extremely compact product.

The design also means that the cold waterway helps cool the motor, thereby improving efficiency and product life.


Salamamder Pumps Dynamic Response System Technology




Dynamic Response System (DRS) is the pumps’ ability to react to a variation in pressure or flow. E.g. if the flow increases then the DRS will send a message to the motor to slow down, meaning that the pump maintains a consistent water output.


Salamander Pumps Crossover Technology

An innovatively designed bypass tube found in bathroom, universal and whole house pumps.  This diverts water to the end of the pump that isn’t pumping water.  Typically, this happens when the user switches off the one tap when filling a bath or basin.  The Crossover stops the overheating/expansion of the side of the pump that isn’t seeing water.


Salamander Pumps Seal Technology




A film of water across the seals acts as a lubricant and prevents them from sticking.

However, if a pump is not operated for a length of time (a week or so or more), the film of water dries out and this can mean the pump fails to start. Salamander Pumps have applied electronics into their pumps which detect when a pump hasn’t been used for 48 hours. The electronics then turn the pump on momentarily to refresh the film of water and prevent the pump from sticking.


Salamander Pumps Brushless Motor Technology




Digital Motor Technology. There are no brushes in the motor, which would have the potential to wear out.

The brushless motor allows for variable speed control of the motor, intelligently using the correct amount of electricity required to drive the pump. Tighter tolerances and no contacting parts also reduce friction and noise.


Salamander Pumps AMD technology




Advanced Motor Drive is the technology found within our brushless motor pumps. The spinning and speed of the motor is controlled by precise electronic design using feedback from the hall effect ring or phase loop. This allows for an instant reaction, seamless performance and energy efficiency.

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