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Identify Your Heating System

How to Identify Your Water System

Our products offer an ideal solution to boost water pressure and flow. With options suitable for gravity fed or mains fed systems, it is important to make sure that you get the right product for your hot water system by identifying what type of system you have.

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Showers Better than Baths

5 Reasons Why Showers are Better Than Baths

We’re still wondering why the bath v shower debate still exists when showers are so practical, efficient and leave you feeling ready to take on anything. But if you still feel like sitting in a puddle of lukewarm water, these five reasons will convince you why showers are better than baths…

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A kitchen tap running water with very low pressure

Why Would You Need a Water Boosting Solution?

Low water pressure and flow are common issues in homes across the UK. The causes of low water pressure can arise as a result of the system or if the supply is inadequate. A water boosting solution seeks to overcome low water pressure and/or flow, providing a boost to showers, baths, taps and other outlets.

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Boost Water Flow Tap

Low Water Pressure Symptoms

Many homes experience water pressure problems. Often we notice it as the morning shower that just dribbles water, rather than giving that invigorating luxury hotel experience that sets you up for the day. Learn about the common symptoms of low water pressure.

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