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Centrifugal Pumps: Applications and Advantages

Right Pumps are an ideal choice to boost water supplies in a gravity-fed system. They use centrifugal technology which allows higher pressure to be maintained at greater flow rates. Therefore, where a high water flow rate is required, such as whole house applications, supplying body jets or drench head showers, or boosting multiple outlets, Right Pumps are the best option given their greater flow efficiency.

What is Centrifugal Water Pump?

There’s often some confusion in the industry on how a centrifugal pump operates compared to a regenerative pump, and how to identify when it’s appropriate to install either product.

Regenerative shower pumps have a peripheral impeller, building pressure as the water travels around the end of the pump.

Centrifugal pumps, however, utilise centrifugal force to increase water pressure within a system. Water enters through the inlet at the end of the pump, filling the impeller chamber and the impeller. As the impeller spins, water is thrown outwards using centrifugal force, this builds higher pressure within the chamber which forces water out the top of the pump.

This method of increasing pressure results in a higher flow efficiency than with a regenerative pump, ensuring a more powerful performance. When seeking to boost water performance in homes with multiple bathrooms, homeowners will be provided with peak water performance after having a centrifugal pump installed.

Centrifugal Pumps Animation | How Does A Centrifugal Pump Work?

What are the Advantages of a Right Pump?

Our Right Pump range is unique within the domestic marketplace due to its centrifugal operation, and has undergone continuous manufacturing, installation, and performance improvements since it was first launched in 1998, making it the high-quality product it is today.

Salamander Pumps Right Pump

Using centrifugal technology allows Right Pumps to maintain high flow rates at greater pressures, making them an ideal choice for whole-house applications, including supplying body-jet showers, or boosting multiple outlets throughout the home so taps and showers can all be used at the same time.

Centrifugal technology also enables the pump’s operating noise to remain very quiet, from just 45dBA, which sounds much quieter than traditional regenerative pumps. The range is amongst the most reliable shower pumps in the market today, and they hold the prestigious Quiet Mark certification. The RP50PT and RP50TU are the quietest twin shower pumps in the UK, based on independent testing.

Right Pumps also incorporates our Crossover™ technology, an innovative bypass facility that allows the pump to perform seamlessly when running either a hot or cold tap individually, without causing damage to the side of the pump not in use.

Learn how to choose the right pump for your house from the article ‘Key Considerations When Selecting and Installing a Right Pump’.

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