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CT60 Bathroom Universal

This twin impeller bathroom pump will efficiently boost the hot and cold water supplies to showers, baths, basins and toilets in a positive or negative head, gravity fed installation.

The CT60 Bathroom Universal pump from Salamander Pumps has been specifically designed to deliver the pressure and performance needed to boost water supplies to bathrooms, en-suites and utility rooms. 

Suitable across a wide range of shower types and heads, single and mixer taps, and will refill your toilet cistern in double quick time.

  • Crossover technology – allows them to power just hot or cold or both
  • Higher pressure – to cope with multiple outlets
  • Patented technology
  • AV couplers included

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Ensure the product you purchase is correct for your region to avoid invalidating the warranty.  For Republic Of Ireland customers – please note we have a dedicated range of products with different product codes:


CT64HUXtra - ROI

The CT60 Bathroom Universal pump is a 1.8 bar twin regenerative shower and bathroom pump suitable for boosting water performance in a gravity fed, negative head or positive head system.

This pump can be used with conventional and multi-function showers and a shower head up to 100mm. With Crossover technology inside allowing for individual outlet (hot or cold) operation, this pump is the perfect solution for boosting bathroom performance. AV couplers with isolating valves are included.

Our entire CT Bathroom range of pumps  is protected by the following patent: Integrated volute - GB2465392B.

Guarantee 3 years
WRAS Approval 1507004
Pump Type Regenerative
Mecahnical Seal Nitrile/Carbon/Ceramic
Anti-vibration feet Yes
Inlet isolators Yes
Flexible Hoses 4
Pressure @ closed head 1.8 bar
Pressure @ 8lpm 1.6 bar
Pressure @ 16lpm 1.2 bar
Maximum water Temperature 65°C
Pump connections 3/4" BSP
Hose connections (UK model) 3/4" female x 15 mm push-fit isolating valves x 280 mm long  
Hose connections (ROI model) 3/4" female x 21mm push-fit x 280 mm long, isolating valves on all hoses
Motor type A.C Induction
Motor duty rating Continuously rated
Power supply 230V
Current (full load) 1.95 amps
Power consumption 455 watts
Fuse rating 3 Amps
Power cable (pre-wired) 1.5 metres
Enclosure protection (IP rating) IPX2
Length 185mm
Width 125mm
Height (Excluding hoses) 315mm
Weight (Excluding hoses) 4.58 kg

Conventional shower
Electric showers via cold water break tank
Massage function
Multi-function shower
Toilet Cistern
Victorian can
Wash basin
Washing machine
Whole house

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