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TankBoost Additional Storage Tank 200L

Additional Cold Water Storage Tank 200L

The 200L additional storage tank can be linked to the primary 200L TankBoost unit to provide additional water capacity.

Please note the additional storage tank size must match the primary TankBoost to avoid any water imbalance.

See installation guide for more information.



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100L TankBoost

Increase the volume of stored water

Additional storage tanks are available to link to the original unit.

Boost Water Flow Multiple Outlets Tap, Shower, Toiler Cistern, Hose

Use multiple outlets at the same time

Showers, taps and other outlets can be used simultaneously.

Salamander Pumps 2 Year Warranty


2 years warranty.

Technical Details

    TankBoost 200L Additional Storage Tank
Warranty 2 years
Usable Water
Tank Size (litres) 200
Height (mm) 1350
Width (mm) 520
Depth (mm) 500
Empty Weight (kg) 32.9
Filled Weight (kg) 232.9
Inlet Connection 1/2" BSP Male
Outlet Connection Via Linking Kit Supplied
Water Temperature
4°C - 20°C
When linking TankBoost tanks together, how far apart can they be?

When linking water tanks, the installer should use the tank connection kit provided with the storage tank to determine the correct distance between the tanks. Tanks should be no further than 1 metre apart.

When linking TankBoost tanks together, should the tank with the pump or the storage tank have the inlet?

When linking tanks, the storage tank should always have the inlet as you want the water to flow through both tanks. The ball valve should be removed from the TankBoost and fitted to the storage inlet.

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