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TankBoost 450L Installation – DRN Gas Services Ltd

Product: TankBoost 450L

System type: Mains-fed system (Unvented Cylinder)

Installer details: DRN Gas Services Ltd

Date of install: May 2024


A householder with a 350L unvented hot water cylinder had a 300L accumulator with a pump installed to boost water flow in their home. They had already changed two pumps because it kept running dry as the accumulator was undersized therefore they needed an alternative solution.


The installer, Dexter Ross-Nichol from DRN Gas Services LTD, contacted Salamander Pumps for support, and our Technical Manager recommended him to install a TankBoost 450L.

TankBoost is a perfect solution for properties with a mains-fed system, such as unvented cylinder. Its water capacity is equal to the size of the tank, and it refills as the tank is used. Cold water from the tank is boosted by an integral submersible stainless-steel pump to increase both pressure and flow, delivering up to 3.0 Bar and 80L/min.

“It was surprisingly easy to install. Just a feed in, a feed out, connect up, and away you go. They’re (householder) really happy with the product and can now use multiple outlets throughout at a brilliant flow rate.”

Dexter Ross-Nichol, DRN Gas Services Ltd

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