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3.0 Bar, Twin Ended, Positive Centrifugal Pump

RP100PT is a 3.0 bar pressure, twin ended, positive centrifugal pump.

The RP100PT is part of the Right Pump range, these pumps use centrifugal force to boost water pressure and flow making them quiet and powerful. Increase the hot and cold water pressure with an RP100PT.

RP100PT is only suitable for positive head, gravity fed systems. Installing in a negative head system will mean the pump may not work.

This product replaced the RSP100 and RHP100.



Individual outlet


Whole House

Pump Type

Positive head

Negative head

Single hot or cold

Twin Hot & Cold

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Right Pump 100 PT


Right Pumps

Flow efficient

A more powerful performance across multiple outlets compared to regenerative pumps.

Someone using a powerful outdoor hose

Boost multiple outlets

Right Pumps are the ideal choice for boosting multiple outlets.

Quiet Mark logo


Utilising centrifugal force makes these pumps quiet.

Salamander Pumps 3 Year Warranty


3 years warranty.


A drench head with a powerful pressure

Twin ended, positive Right Pumps will boost the water pressure to a range of outlets including:


Wash basin


Washing machine

Instant electric shower

Thermostatic mixer shower

Drench shower head

Multi-function shower head

Body jets

Technical Details

Product Codes
Product codes for the UK models RP100PT
Product codes for the ROI models N/A
Warranty 3 years
WRAS approval 1810090
Noise Rating
dBA 55.5
Pump Type Centrifugal
Mechanical seal Nitrile/ PTFE/ Ceramic
Anti-vibration feet Yes
Inlet Isolator(s) Yes
Flexible hoses 4
Pressure @ 16lpm (8lpm for singles) 2.65 Bar
Bar Pressure @ 8lpm (4lpm for singles) 2.85 Bar
Pressure @ Closed Head 3.0 Bar
Maximum Water Temperature 60°C
Pressure Vessel Air Pre- Charge N/A
Pump connections ¾” BSP
Connections (UK) ¾” Female x 22mm Push-Fit x 280mm long.
Connections (ROI)* N/A
Type A.C Induction Motor
Duty rating Continuously Rated
Power Supply 230v
Current (full load) 4.6 Amps
Power consumption 1045 Watts
Fuse Rating 5 Amps
Power cable (pre-wired) 1.5 Meters
Enclosure Protection (IP Rating) IPX3
Length 415mm
Width 148mm
Height (Excluding Hoses) 170mm
Weight (Excluding Hoses) 9.06kg
WRAS approved and Quiet Mark


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What is the best shower pump for my home?

There are multiple factors that will impact which is the best shower pump for your home.

Use our product selector tool to find the right product.

What is a gravity-fed water system?

A gravity fed water system is identified by a cold-water storage tank, usually stored in a loft, and a hot water cylinder. These systems rely on gravity to force water around the system, with the height of the cold-water storage tank determining the pressure throughout the system.

Cold water is delivered to the cold-water storage tank from the water mains. Cold water from the cold-water storage tank is then supplied to the outlets around the system, such as taps, toilets, showers and baths.

The cold-water storage tank also feeds the hot water cylinder, where a heating coil from the boiler or immersion heater will cause the cold water to become hot. Once an outlet requiring hot water is opened, gravity will force cold water from the cold-water storage tank into the hot water cylinder, this will then force hot water out from the top of the cylinder, delivering hot water to the open outlet.

It is common for gravity fed water systems to suffer with low pressure, installing one of our gravity fed shower pumps can help to improve the pressure, click here to see our range gravity-fed shower pumps.

Gravity-fed water systems are either positive or negative head. Before choosing a gravity-fed shower pump it is important to know whether your system is positive head of negative head, click here for further information.

If you’re unsure which product you need read our guide to selecting the right product, or use our product selector tool.

What is the difference between positive and negative head?

A gravity-fed system is either positive or negative head. In a positive head system a water flow rate of at least 2L/min exists from gravity alone. In negative head systems the water flow rate is less than 2L/min.

When choosing which pump you need it is important to know if the system is positive or negative head as incorrect selection can mean the pump won’t work.

A positive head pump will only work in a positive head system and a negative head (universal) pump will work in both a positive and negative head system, so if you are not sure choose a negative head pump.

Click here to learn how to determine if your system is suitable for a positive head pump.

How can I check whether my system is suitable for a positive head pump?

A positive head pump will activate when a minimum flow of water passes through the pump and out of the pumped outlet, such as a shower or tap, naturally (without assistance from the pump). The minimum flow rate required for our positive head pumps is 2 litres of water per minute (L/min).

You will need to measure the flow rate to determine if a positive head pump is suitable for your system. You will need to test all outlets, such as showers and taps, that are going to be pumped to determine if they have the required minimum flow rate of 2L/min. Watch our video to learn how to measure the water flow rate.

If you cannot measure the water flow rate, then you can check if the system is suitable for a positive head pump if there is more than 600 mm between the base of the cold-water storage tank and the highest point in the system after the pump.

If you are unable to achieve the minimum flow rate of 1 litre per 30 seconds from all outlets that are to be pumped you will need to install a negative (universal) head pump.

What is a twin pump?

Twin pumps have two impellers and are designed to supply both hot and cold water to showers, bathrooms and whole house installations.

What is a centrifugal shower pump and how does it work?

Centrifugal pumps, such as our Right Pump range, use centrifugal force to increase water pressure within a system. Water enters through the inlet on the end of the shower pump, filling the impeller chamber and the impeller. As the impeller spins, water is thrown outwards using centrifugal force, this builds higher pressure within the chamber which forces water out the top of the pump.

This method of increasing pressure results in a higher flow efficiency than with a regenerative shower pump, so installations with multiple bathrooms can benefit from installing a centrifugal pump.

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