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AccuBoost vessel installed with water tank

AccuBoost Installation – Vapour Heating Ltd

After a customer was having a big extension built onto their house, Vapour Heating Ltd was asked to install new boiler with unvented cylinder as well as a 180L Pumped AccuBoost to help boost water flow to the two bathrooms in the property.

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A shower pump set up in a loft

CT Force Installation – Gordon’s Property Maintenance

Gordon's Property Maintenance was informed of this householders low pressure and flow from their vented cylinder and cold water storage tank. After assessing the system and Gordon needed a way to resolve this issue. Once he heard about Salamander Pumps, he decided that a CT Force 30TU would be the ideal solution to this problem.

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Metro Plumb Engineer Installation Right Pump Shower Pump

Right Pump Installation – Metro Plumb

For this installation we partnered with national plumbing company, Metro Plumb. Metro Plumb have installers located all over the UK who are highly trained in dealing with plumbing emergencies, carrying out plumbing repairs and fixing everything from dripping taps to leaky radiators.

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Installed Homeboost on a pipe

HomeBoost Installation – United Heating

The customer was struggling to get a sufficient water flow rate at their taps when they had two taps on at the same time. The water flow was below 6L/min. HomeBoost helped to increase the flow rate in the property up to 12 L/min.

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